Thursday, August 26, 2010

An old fox looses hair...

but not it's tricks. MicroSoft's "new" IE9 interface looks suspiciously like Google's Chrome (or Iron, which lacks the privacy loopholes of Chrome).
How very innovative - oh no, MS has been doing that since they dubbed QDOS "MS-DOS".
And yes, QDOS meant Quick and Dirty Operating System, and yes, it was "bought" by MicroSoft. The 50k US$ was not the initial amount (that was considerably lower).


What is really worrying is the [quote]provisions for “recognized,” or “protected,” sites which will allow users to go straight from the Windows taskbar to these sites without having to open IE first.[/quote]
Knowing the way MicroSoft implements security, these [quote]recognized, protected sites will be treated more like traditional Windows applications[/quote] will open a whole new range of possibilities. For hackers, that is.