Thursday, June 09, 2005

Watch out II

Surprise, surprise!
Niall left a comment on the original post (thank you, Niall), pointing out the fact that spaces (or, presumably, the lack thereof!) can mess up a tnsnames.ora file.
So, I tried to tidy up the original post, to include spaces in the output as well, thus allowing to a copy-'n-paste job. Believe me, those spaces were in the source! Blogger just chooses to ignore them (space saving, I presume). Anyway, using the sequence it should now look OK.

I saw some brackets on places they might cause misunderstanding, and tried to tidy that up as well. Long story short: lost track of how many spaces and brackets were required, and ended up testing both entries once more, and looks here:

Attempting to contact (description = (address=(protocol=BEQ)(PROGRAM=OrAcLe) (ARGV0=oracleDB920) (ARGS='(DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=BEQ)))')) (CONNECT_DATA =(SID=DB920)))
OK (20 msec)

Please note, there is no platform that has an executable, called OrAcLe, and yet the test succeeds, where it failed before!

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