Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Forgot OID administrator password?

In an environment, that already had the infrastructure install, I wanted to install the Application Server Middle tier. One thing Portal wants, is the connection to the LDAP server (Oracle Internet Directory server, or OID).
I was quite sure about the password, but always got errors during install. After checking (using netstat -a) I was actually using the correct port for LDAP (the default 389), I realized the password could have been expired.
This is the code to reset it:
D:\oracle\10.1\HTTP\BIN>oidpasswd connect=test1 unlock_su_acct=true
OID DB user password:
OID super user account unlocked successfully.

The OID DB user account is what you would enter as password here:
SQL> connect ods@test1
Enter password:


In addition to that, you cannot logon, using Single Sign On (SSO) anymore.
Some odd actions are to be taken here:
  1. start Oracle Directory Manager
  2. Log on, using the cn=orcladmin account, and the password you just reset...
  3. Navigate to your realm, something like
    cn=orcladmin, cn=Users, dc=yourcompany, dc=yourcountry
  4. scroll all the way down, to the userpassword entry, step over to the asterixes, and retype your password.
  5. Apply
You can now use your SSO logon again.

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