Saturday, January 19, 2008

Once bitten twice shy.

Or should it be "Three strike - you're out!"?
Strike one: MicroSod started complaining about the validity of my XP install - out.
Strike two: tried Ubuntu 7.10 instead - graphics (solved) and networking issues; tried for two days - out.
Strike three: running CentOS 5.1 now. Graphics is OK - nVidia recognized, network is a known issue on an Asus P5B, and the solution is to prepare a driver disk for the installation, and make a new r8168 network module afterwards. I know, that sounds strange, but the driver (install with "linux dd") was not included in the install; during install, the network was activated correctly, after a reboot, network failed to start.

Anyway - download the latest driver, and -as root- perform:

# cd /tmp/r8168-8.004.00
# make
# depmod -a

# modprobe r8168

# ifconfig -a

You should now see an active network link (eth0). Just add a line "alias eth0 r8168" to /etc/modprobe.conf and configure the interface. Reboot to see if everything works.

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