Friday, November 13, 2009

Go, google, go!

Go - a new programming language. Let's hope it will not be the same disaster as Java became. Google should be large enough to withstand Microsoft. Are we waiting for Yet Another Programming Language? Only the future will tell. I see annoying things like 'garbage collection', which leads me to believe it will be just a "lazy" a language as Java.
And the supposedly simple printf is beyond comprehension. Print would be simple. Printf has too much letters.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Oops, typo...

On the other hand, Go is designed by the old Bell Labs Unix/Plan9 crew. Contrary to Java, you can at least expect minimalism from the likes of Rob Pike and Ken Thompson (I mean, look at "ed" *g*).

Some ideas are IMHO quite unusual and innovative for a systems programming language (their interface concept, goroutines, closures - yeah!) and compilation seems really fast. While I don't agree with some design decisions (e.g. no exception handling, broken orthogonality regarding arrays and maps)
the language seems reasonable.

I doubt that Go will be much use for Oracle programming, though.