Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Install APEX receipe

How to install APEX - shorthand.

Prepare the database

There are some options and tools to be installed. If you use the DBCA to generate scripts, make sure you at least run these:


$AH stands for my Administrative Home directory; usually something like $ORACLE_BASE/admin/{SID}


Not sure? You should at least get the following three, when running this:
select comp_id from dba_registry;



select owa_util.get_version from dual;
should result in or higher. It will need to get patched/upgraded if not. You can safely execute owainst.sql in the owa sub directory of the installation, as the OWA installation checks the version, and only patches if there's something to patch


Only when not using SGA_TARGET (10g and 11g) or MEMORY_TARGET (11g), define shared_pool_size 100MB or higher.


Now, you are ready to install:
@apexins sysaux sysaux temp /i/

Don't forget the last "/"... Change the password of the public account, and unlock the account:
alter user apex_public_user identified by ABC123DEF account unlock;


Assuming a MS Windows workstation, zip the images directory of the apex install. Transfer that to your OHS (Oracle Http Server). Now, create a directory and unzip:

$ mkdir $ORACLE_BASE/htdocs/apex
$ cd $ORACLE_BASE/htdocs/apex
$ unzip /.../


Add this entry to plsql.conf ($ORACLE_BASE points to /oracle/apex):
PlsqlMaxParameters 15000


Add this dads.conf:
Alias /i/ "/oracle/apex/htdocs/apex/images/"
AddType text/xml xbl
AddType text/x-component htc
<Location /demo>
SetHandler pls_handler
Order deny,allow
Allow from All
AllowOverride None
PlsqlDatabaseUsername apex_public_user
PlsqlDatabasePassword ABC123DEF
PlsqlDatabaseConnectString cs-frank03.home.local:1521:orcl.home.local ServiceNameFormat
PlsqlNLSLanguage American_America.UTF8
PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
PlsqlSessionStateManagement StatelessWithFastResetPackageState
PlsqlDocumentPath docs
PlsqlDocumentProcedure wwv_flow_file_mgr.process_downloadd
PlsqlDocumentTablename wwv_flow_file_objects$
PlsqlDefaultPage apex
PlsqlAlwaysDescribeProcedure Off
PlsqlRequestValidationFunction wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize

Obfuscate password

It is not a good practice to leave cleartext passwords; obfuscate it:
cd $ORACLE_HOME/ohs/modplsql/conf
export PERL5LIB=$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib/5.8.3
export SHLIB_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/usr/lib
export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/ohs/modplsql/conf:$ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin:$PATH

perl -o

$ Error: Could not obfuscate password 'ABC123DEF' for dad '/demo'
Number of failed obfuscations : 1

Nevermind - it is. Just check it. You're almost done, just make OHS aware of all changes:
$ opmnctl restartproc type=ohs

You are now ready to add workspaces and users, like I've done here.

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