Sunday, June 03, 2012

Me like (upgraded hardware)

Me like a lot! Running two Oracle Virtual machines at the same time, on top of a minimal server install Ubuntu LTS 12.04:

After starting the SOA/BPEL services:

Got myself the latest (well, almost the latest) CPU, an Intel 2600K, and a new MoBo, with 16GB of memory.
Did the plan Ubuntu minimal install, but first of all, ended with the 12.04 (Precise pangolin?) install (for AMD64... which works!) instead of the 11 version, and then decided to add the desktop.
Of course, that resulted in the horrendous Unity-based stuff, where nothing is where it used to be. So, I had that removed, and gone back to gnome.

Yep, me like. Now, bring in some BBQ weather!

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