Monday, January 07, 2013

OID 11G fails to start (privileged ports)

After failing to install OID with privileged ports (389/636), you may end up with
[2013-01-07T14:59:45+01:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDLDAPD] [host: idm02.home.local] [pid: 6800] [tid: 0] Main:: sgslunlListen: IPV4 Bind failed (port=389), OS error=(13) [2013-01-07T14:59:45+01:00] [OID] [NOTIFICATION:16] [] [OIDLDAPD] [host:] [pid: 6800] [tid: 0] Main:: sgslunlListen: IPV4 Bind failed (port=636), OS error=(13)
If not even MOS Document 1304644.1 can help (i.e. you have enabled IPV6, and you did the IP Address trick in opmn.xml), this might:
login your configuration database (the one you ran the rcu on), connect as user ODS, and manually update:
First, find the ID of the config:
select entryid from ct_dn where rdn = 'cn=oid1';
This results in 3000 for me. Now for the actual update:
update ds_attrstore set attrval=3060 where entryid=3000 and ottrname='orclnonsslport'; update ds_attrstore set attrval=3131 where entryid=3000 and ottrname='orclsslport'; commit;
Assuming you have all othe configurations reset to ports 3060 and 3131, you should now be able to startup oid.
This is, of course, a serious kludge which will probably render your installation supportless, so all usual disclaimers, precautions and warnings apply.


Jacco H. Landlust said...

What about chown 6750 on .oidldapd ?

Frank said...

In older versions, asked whether you wanted to run on a privileged port (and did a chmod, I presume).
In all manuals, there's no indication I should, and it seems to be done by default:
-rws--x--- 1 oracle oinstall 4222915 Jan 7 10:37 ./oid/bin/oidldapd