Monday, March 18, 2013

Configuring Identiy and Access Management 11GR2

In a nutshell:

Start nodemenager
Configure the Identity and Management Suite:
DO NOT START YOUR MANAGED SERVERS!!! There's an omission in the manual... You need to configure the database as security placeholder first. You do that by
/oracle/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin/ \ /oracle/middleware/Oracle_IDM1/common/tools/ \ -d /oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/OAM_domain \ -c IAM -p welcome01 -m create
Now you can start your managed servers.

For some reason, I needed to create a Machine, and add the AdminServer and OAM managed servers to it. Have seen this twice, now.

Then, change the file (see [ID 1275344.1]), as it failed to start: 11G OAM_SERVER1 Managed Server Fails To Start With [Security:097533] SecurityProvider Service Class Name For IDMDomainAgent Is Not Specified.
 Weblogic console: overview od oam_server1

Access manager console

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