Monday, October 07, 2013

Access Manager 11G Rel 2 and APEX 4.2

There is some documentation regarding APEX and OAM, but it is flawed.
  1. Make sure APEX functions with standard (APEX user based) security, even through OAM; this means
    • Allow /APEX/**
    • Allow /i/**
    • Protect /apex/apex_authentication.callback

  2. Page 9 states "OAM_REMOTE_USER with a value of $user.userid is created by default".
    Not true, just add it. What the extra entries are for is beyond me, APEX will just recognize one value in the header...
  3. Page 12: The PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList mentiones HTTP_OAM_ variables; this is an error, the variables should be called as defined in OAM: OAM_REMOTE_USER, not HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER.
  4. Page 14 states the Header Variable Name in the APEX configuration should be called HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER.
    No, it should be called whatever you named it in Access Manager: OAM_REMOTE_USER.
 Just some common sense, and it works. 

Next step: WNA+OAM+APEX - anyone done that?

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