Monday, June 08, 2015

Wrong Java version on Unified Directory Server

Wrong version Java

After losing the battle with the OS guys for control over java, I keep stumbling upon environments that have wrong java versions due to the fact java is installed in /usr/java, or /usr/bin.
In such cases, this is the result:
which java /usr/bin/java
As I do not have control over /usr/bin, I install java in /oracle/middleware/java, so I would like
which java /oracle/middleware/java/jre/bin/java

Adapting OUD

Luckily, adapting OUD to use another Java proves quite easy; just alter $MW_HOME/asinst_1/OUD/lib/set-java-home and $MW_HOME/asinst_1/OUD/config/ to point to the correct java environment, and bounce the ldap server.

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