Wednesday, July 08, 2015

OAM PS3 - continued

Allow auto start (production mode) for your scripts:
cd /oracle/user_projects/domains/oam_domain/servers mkdir -p oam_server1/security mkdir -p omsm_server1/security mkdir -p oam_policy_mgr1/security vi oam_server1/security/ cp oam_server1/security/ omsm_server1/security/ cp oam_server1/security/ oam_policy_mgr1/security/
You can now use command line scripts to start the other servers (oam_server1, omsm_server1, and oam_policy_mgr1), like so:
/oracle/user_projects/domains/oam_domain/bin/ oam_server1

Starting using WLS Console (GUI)

In the OAM 11GRel2PS2 setup, I created a "machine". This is not a physical machine, just a weblogic placeholder. I need one to allow the nodemanager to start/stop all servers.
If I don, I will get these messages trying to control (start/stop) a managed server via de admin server console:
So, login on the console, choose to expand the Environment, click the "Lock & Edit' button, and create e New Machine:
Name does not really matter, as said, it is just a place holder, and bears no connection to ant (physical) machine whatsoever. Leave OS type to Other; it is not Unix, and it is not Virtual (it is Linux).
Next, define the nodemanager. By default the nodemanager is created to listen in SSL mode, and it will listen on all addresses, so localhost should do.
In a serious clustered environment, you want to change the nodemanager to listen to the machine name or address, not just localhost - if you would, the nodemanager would not accept calls from the other cluster members.
Now, you can add the Admin, and managed servers to this machine, and control these from the GUI as well. Next task will be protecting resources.

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