Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Storage server

Storage server


Aiming at 2 VDEVs of 5 or 6 disks each, I'd need a motherboard capable of running 12 disks.I used a SuperMicro board in the ESXi build, mainly because virtualization using bare metal hypervisors was quite new to me. However, these boards have quite a steep price.
There's a new motherboard by SuperMicro, that screams NAS, but that has not yet hit the shops.

So, I ended up with:


It starts off with placing the processor and memory on the motherboard. This is best done outside the case:
One of the reasons I love Fractal cases is the disks cages; not only can you replace the cage with hot plug ones, you may also relocate one or both cages. And the disk frames just slide out - no tools needed.

And, there's room for two SSD's at the back of the motherboard:

The case assemply starts with adding the power supply.
Then, place the motherboard, and attach the power cables. Some cable management is in order, but will be done after all disks have been installed and hooked up.
Time to put these components to the test. Download Memtestx86, or the commercial version, and let it run for a while.
OK, that'll do pig, that'll do.

To be continued with part two of the storage server: Firmware

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