Monday, October 30, 2017

We -as a country- are no longer to be trusted?

Who Do You Trust?

As legislation changed, Mozilla filed a bug with potential serious consequences. Check out bug 1408647.
Removing the root certificate as trusted authority makes it look asif any certificate, issued by any of the Dutch PKI organizations, is potential unsafe. Which is correct, to a point, as the law allows the use of false keys by the Ducth autorities.


That makes the Netherlands probably one of the creepiest coutries in the world - in fact, this surveillance is so good, the Ducth are not aware of being spied on.  And no - this is not halloween.


Do not approach any gouvernamental site without the use of TOR.
Set up a VPN
and use it everytime, all the time (your cell phone will be subject to monitoring, too).

Be aware of this! The mozilla bug report is a start, and hopefully this blog entry will also make you aware.

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