Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Enterprise Security III: Metadata Repository

A new day; what is the planning regarding Oracle Enterprise Security? I did install Oracle 10g Release 1 yesterday, and patched it to That leaves me with:
  1. Install the 10gAS Metedata repository
  2. Install 10gAS Identity Management
  3. Install 10gAS
For the Repository, I downloaded a utilities CD, called Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository Upgrade Assistant and Utilities . Quite a mouthful, indeed. Install this CD on the platform of your choice - this can be on a workstation, no need to install this on the server. I installed it on my Windows workstation; perhaps not a good idea, as many of the java based programs refuse to work.
One of the "nice" things is that the installer checks on swap space... As I have 1.5 GB memory installed, I found an additional 1200MB swap enough - any process claiming 2.7GB on a Windows workstation is worth getting killed anyway. But no - the installer insists:
Checking swap space: 1280 MB available, 1535 MB required. Failed <<<<
It looks like you have a choice (continue y/n), but you haven't - responding 'y' will just cause the check to fail again. So, I stooped to other measures: I edited the oraparam.ini file, found in the install subdirectory. I replaced all SWAP_SPACE=1535 with SWAP_SPACE=1024; the installer is happy as could be.
But the database is not in a good shape... Oh no: Oracle insists on setting shared_pool_size, and db_cache_size, thus killing any automatic memory tuning mechanism. All prerequisites are in the file in %ORACLE_HOME%/repca/config/prerequisite.xml

Note it is not required to have tnsnames on the client, where you run the RepCA utility from. It will use the java machine:port:service mechanism to connect. As I have not installed anything yet, I will not register, just load:

After some checks, the RepCA utility cannot find the Oracle Text Supplied Knowledge base, something required (?) for Portal, obviously... I do not want Portal (now), so I'll just continue:

Even though I have plenty space left, I don't quite understand why
  • every component sub part should be in a tablespace for itself
  • I have tablespaces for Portal components - didn't I just tell I did not want Portal?!?
Just decrease the sizes to the smallest possible:

And they still don't know how to figure that out...

Hopefully, it's teatime by now - just let the wheels keep turning.

And you will be rewarded:

That concludes the installation of the Metadata Repository in an existing database. I want to decrease the amount of memory used for my 10g database, and then fire up VNC again, and install the Application Server components.

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