Thursday, May 26, 2005

Enterprise Security V: Infrastructure wrap up

Following the infrastucture installations, I should now be able to see my database server on the internet, or rather: intranet - a firewall should protect that machine from alien contacts. Fooling around, I found the certificate autority was not active. It has to be hand started; and after that still does not start, or restart, using the HTML interface:

/o/ias10/oca/bin/ocactl start

I suddenly am the proud owner of a farm. Oracle could have warned me; I'm not into early retirement -yet-!

I expected to see that OracleAS somewhere - here it is. Let's see if I can get the lot to use somewhat less of my precious memory, not present in abundancy. After all, I have just a test box with one occasional user (me!), and I do not need (semi-) production settings with which the Oracle Application Server obviously comes default.

I mean, just looks at the memory usage of the http server alone: 133MB! Let's go over the configuration by using the HTTP Server link, and selecting the Administration tab.
Follow the 'Advanced Server Properties' link which gives you an overview of all configurations files. Click on the ones you want to edit:

I started with httpd.conf, and changed some lines; here's a diff output:

[oracle10@csdb01 conf]$ diff httpd.conf httpd.conf.smibak
<> MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
<> MaxClients 150
<> MaxRequestsPerChild 0
< # AddLanguage et .ee --- > # AddLanguage et .ee
< # AddLanguage it .it --- > # AddLanguage it .it
< # LanguagePriority ar en da nl et fi fr de el it ja ko kr no pl pt pt-br ro ru ltz ca es sk sv th tr zh-cn zh-tw zh-cn --- >%2

Basically - I do not want so many processes to start up front, and I do not need support for other languages than English and Dutch, with the corresponding characterset, ISO8859P1. All others are commented out by means of a number sign (#) in column 1.
Restart the httpd server, and now that component uses just 23MB - a reduction of over 75%! I can live with that.

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