Thursday, December 14, 2006


About two weeks ago, my monitor went dead. I switched it on, and it did ''poof!" - lights out. Funny smell came from it, too. Anyway - no fuse to be seen, and as the main switch was dead as well (no power light), I decided to say farewell to my 19" Iiyama, that has served me for about 8 years.
So - something new had to be bought, but what? I wanted a 22" wide Samsung (the SyncMaster 225 BW), but after discussing the pro and cons, I decided for a 204B (20", 1600 by 1200 resolution), and a graphics card upgrade (my old card could neither handle the resolution, nor DVI - not that DVI is a requirement...).
Luckily, the "new" card fitted in my computer (which still uses AGP - I know, hopelessly old fashioned), so I'm typing away with a crisp, clear screen, and a lot more space on my desk.

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