Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Who said I was?

I already noted the nasty side effects, but instead of altering the once published blog, I decided to add this one. After all, the portal single-sign on (SSO) was just an example, and I want the originally registered applications still to be registered, including OIDDAS, orasso and both the infrastructure as well as the middle tier Oracle HTTP Servers (or OHS).

Inventory taking.
What is it I will have to move? Let's check with the Single Sign-On:orasso entry on the Infrastructure management console. Opening sub pages will get me to the Orasso SSO home page, in this exercise located at http://asinfra101202.mymachine.local:7777/pls/orasso/orasso.home.
This page provides a list of all current "partner applications" that rely on orasso to take care of the login procedure.
After logging in (with orcladmin) by clicking the modest link in the right upper hand corner, you will be shown another link: "Maintain the SSO server". Particulary interesting is the link about maintenance on partner applications!

Was did I already do? Actually, not a lot - the changing of the DAD is what was done, to allow the midtier to access /pls/orasso, but that was about it. Reread that thread first.
In the mean time, I do have access to the orasso home page, using the midtier link as well; however, the login link provides me with an error, and all page links refer to the infrastructure.

Moving the SSO server
Less of a move than fact - only the references will be changed to the middle tier instance, not the actual server.
First of all, I want to get rid of the references to the infrastucture on the orasso home page. I can do that by changing the home URL, success URL and logout URL in the Maintain Partner Applications screen of orasso. Unfortunately, I cannot change the login URL, nor the Single Sign-Off URL on this page, and those still point to the infrastructure.
So, the second step is to reregister orasso, by running this on the infrastructure: $ORACLE_HOME/sso/bin/ -oracle_home_path $ORACLE_HOME -site_name "The SSO Server (OraSSO)" -config_mod_osso TRUE -mod_osso_url http://asmt101202.mymachine.local:7777/pls/orasso/orasso.home

After that, stop and start all opmn registered processes - both sides!

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