Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oracle Apex goes commercial!

Yesterday, Oracle launched version 3 of Application Express, also known as ApEx. I wasn't sure about the new frills it would contain - PDF from within wasn't something I was missing. After all, it has been possible to produce PDF since version 1.5.

But things sure have been improved - PDF printing is now so much easier!
Edit: I fell for it. I'll admit; I fell for the marketing machine.
PDF printing actually is the same as it ever was: it uses the Open Source Java printing engine, Apache FOP. The 'easy' way would be to buy the BI suite from Oracle. So I changed the title into Apex goes commercial. Quite disappointed, or rather, mad with myself, so not reading better.

Oracle 11g.

And ApEx is Oracle 11 compliant - wait till that hits the streets. So much is new for Oracle 11 (still the Grid verion: 11g): it has an embedded pl/sql gateway, which will be used as default.

Installations with an application server and using mod_plsql will still be possible; they just will not be the default. Looks like ApEx is becoming more of a database centric tool - it does not need the iAS anymore.

Not that it actually did - ever noticed how ports 8080 and 2100 are opened for http and ftp protocols respectively after a default install? XDB is accountable for that.


If you have never taken a look at ApEx, do so now. My favourites are the Webservices (now JDeveloper and BPEL are supported), password and account control enhancements (expiry, grace time, forced changes upon first login). Some people will probably like the flash charts.

I will install 3.0 in a develop environment tomorrow, and see if I can find the time to mess around with it.
Edit: Of course not... The day started off with a webservice, not performing (due to a wrongly configured log4j), continued with jobs that needed killing or scheduling, software that had to be tested and rolled out, production crash actions involving InterConnect, and before you know it, you're in the car back home, trying to aviod the traffic jam, caused by accidents, and closed highways...

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