Sunday, November 14, 2010

Congratulations, Sebastian

Sebastian Vettel, youngest world champion Formula 1 ever, congratulations!

And perhaps Ferrari should rethink contracting Mr. F. Alonso - the unsportsmanlike behavior towards Petrov says it all... If you cannot pass Petrov in like 20-odd rounds, you're clearly not World Champion material. There's only one to blame, Fernando - that is you. Not Petrov!


Anonymous said...

C'mon Frank!

The man had lost the championship due to a wrong decission from the box (Button's final position proves the point). He was frustrated after seeing the Renault's tail so many laps...

It wasn't fair to blame Petrov, but the circumstances were not easy...

Cheers ( from Spain :( )


Frank said...

But in the end, it was *his* decision to follow the advice. I think he simply was too focused on Button, and dismissed Vettel and Hamilton as candidates.
Petrov was not to blame, in any way, as far as I could see.
No, unsportsmanlike, frustrated or not.

Anonymous said...

>>"it was *his* decision to follow the advice"

I respectfully disagree: what comes from the box through the earphones or on the boards are not advices, but orders.



Frank said...

They say, I have a problem with authority ;)