Thursday, November 04, 2010

Support pays off!

Update on a previous entry: we have a patch, and it actually works.
So when you ever get in the situation where fixed user database link do not work due to kerberos aare environments, ask for patch 8482256.
Available (and tested!) for HP-UX 11.23 and up; should become available for MS Windows (Server 2003, 32 bit and up), as well as VMS.


Muuher said...

Thanks for this update. This would really make my day (month, year) if I could get fixed user database links to work in a kerberos database. I'll try to get hold of this patch. Is it available on

The entry for bug says: "A fix for this customer issue would be to detect whether this is a Database Link connection and if so bypass the authentication list in the sqlnet.ora" - does this even mean anything?

I completely agree that a username/password connection shouldn't fail without a ticket. Fixing this would clear up so many issues (database links, extproc etc.). I'll try entering this too, in case multiple requests help.

Muuher said...

"A fix for this customer issue would be..." - I see now. It makes sense if it's referring to the fix and not a workaround that I originally though it was.

Frank said...

Nope - currently this patch is ONLY. But feel free to ask for a port to
Currently, I have confirmation it will be completely fixed in 12.1, and there will be a backport to 11 (11.2, as it currently stands).
The fact I mention completely is because there are more issues with Kerberos - all of which should be taken care of.