Friday, May 17, 2013

Oracle Unified Directory Installation

Installation and use.

Having worked on a proof-of-concept which heavily depends on all sorts of Oracle Identity suites, I learned Oracle will probably dump OID (Internet Directory) and OVD (Virtual Directory) over the next 5 years in favor of Oracle Unified Directory (OUD - which means "old" in Ducth).
So, I thought I'd give it a swing and see how I can use it asif it were OID, with which I am familiar. This means I will not only install and configure it, but will also try to use it for:
  • TNS name resolving 
  • Enterprise User Security (EUS) 
  • Integration platform with MS Active Directory (DIP) 
Of course, I want it to do WNA (Windows Native Authentication) as well, hence the Directory Integration (DIP).

Installation of Oracle Unified Directory

Pretty straightforward; you need three components, which are installed quickly:
  1. OUD (Oracle Unified Directory) 
  2. WLS (WebLogic Server) 
  3. ADF (Application Development Framework)

Download locations are eDelivery for OUD (V37478-01), OTN for WebLogic and OTN for ADF. Weblogic version would be 10.3.6, and the matching ADF version is
Make sure you have the correct versions! You will also need some Java runtime; I use JRockit.

You may then fire up the installer: 

Specify the inventory location - if you have installed oracle stuff before, you won't see this screen.

Just run the script, then click OK.

Go through the screens; no Updates or news. Make sure all requirements are met:

Left locations and names default.

Go, go, go! And... done!

WebLogic Installation

This has been documented before. See previous entries. Shorthand:
java -jar /oracle/install/Software/weblogic/wls1036_generic.jar -jreLoc /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64

ADF Installation

Start the installer:
/oracle/install/Software/OFM/ -jreLoc /usr

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